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About Us

About Us


Partners In Community (PIC) is a private not-for-profit social service agency, that provides community supports for persons living with a disability.  We are an agency that  believes in person centered supports and self-determination.  We stand by our philosophy that as a community member, an individual has the right to  live in the home of their choice and to live with the people they wish  to live with.  An individual has the right to pursue a vocational  occupation of their choice and be provided with the supports of their  choice.  Each individual has the right to determine how and in what  manner his or her life should unfold.  Part of PIC's mission is to  ensure that each individual who is supported is allowed to thrive in the  least restrictive environment that assures his/her health and safety.    

Community Inclusion


We offer various community supports for nearly 50 adults and/or children in their residence and/or within the  community.  The community supports range from residential services,  supported living, supported employment, community based, and representative payee services.  We offer unique supports as requested by the individuals and the individuals' support teams  to facilitate the person centered planning process and  implementation of those person centered outcomes.  PIC provides supports for individuals living with their family and/or  living on their own throughout six counties in the state of Ohio.   Each individual has different needs and/or aspirations that  may require varying hours of supports.  PIC's dedicated team members  support the individual interests from daily living skills to the  recreational and social interests.

Adult Day Program


Partners In Community's Adult Day Program was introduced to Erie  County in July 2008. The Adult Day Program was initially geared towards  the elderly population of people living with disabilities and  designed to offer the choice of spending time in an environment that  offers all leisure activities.  Today the age of the adults that attend  the program range between 19 - 80 and the individuals join the program  between 1-5 days of the week depending on the allowance of  their personal schedule.  The Adult Day Program provides the following  opportunities:  Optional Non-Vocational Day Support Service for adults living with disabilities and the ability  to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere of peers; Supports self-advocacy* and community membership; And offers schedule flexibility for person centered interests  We offer transportation to and from the program as well as to the  various destinations that are scheduled throughout the month.   

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